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Because simple, just easier

4-axes position display

The MD mXion DMSA is a powerful DRO (meter reading instrument, eg for WABECO). The measuring devices can be connected with RB-5 cable as well as with standard USB cables. The power supply and data transmission also takes place via a USB port and a standard charger. Plus. There is a Bluetooth interface for maximum comfort. The large, high-contrast display makes all measured values (with 3 decimal places) clearly legible. Inch and mm as a unit of measure supported. In addition, up to 4 measuring devices (eg calipers) can be connected. The measured values can be displayed on the PC and on the Android smartphone through the integrated Bluetooth / USB interface. For details, see the Operation Manual

EEPROM read-/write module

The MD mXion E²PromMatix is a universal EEPROM read / write module. E²PromMatix supports all 24C EEPROMs. The chips can be read/written out via Intel© -Hex format or MD format. Single Read/Write is also possible. In addition to the IC socket for DIL EEPROMs, the electronics has a test clip for working with EEPROMs in hard-wired circuits (SMD area). The working voltage can be either 3.3V or 5V. The module is powered by a USB port. For details, see the Operation Manual

Kawasaki Z-Serie LED-Matrix-Backlight

The MD mXion Z-Lights are the ideal replacement for the Kawasaki Z-series motorcycles. Thus, you can, simply by replacing the boards in the back light, modern, stylish Z-taillights with integrated LED matrix flashing light get. Optionally, the red "Z" can be used as a turn signal (American model). Thanks to the Matrix LED look, the taillights are modern and elegant. The turn signal running light also underpins this. The light output was increased by 40% in contrast to the old electronics. For details, see the Operation Manual.