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We light up the darkness.

car interior lighting with cover

The MD mXion G-Lights is the first car interior lighting for Gauge G models that have no lighting at the factory. It is designed for the simple / "old" car models, without double walls, floors, ceilings. It is based on the original car lighting of the HSB and Sachsenbahnen and has on the stage and inside the car LEDs with anti-flicker electronics and very low power consumption. It can be operated digitally and analogously. The highlight of the lighting is the realistic look. Through cable guide parts on the floor, walls and ceiling with recessed LEDs no cables are visible, the parts are made of color-fast plastic in realistic colors. In addition, any axis can be used for power consumption. Optionally available with built-in digital decoder(MD mXion GLD) with 2 switchable outputs. This can div. Light simulations are generated. For details, see the Operation Manual.

G-Lights Lampensystem
table- und street lamps

The range of G-Lights includes a range of div. Table, streets and floor lamps. This lamp system is illuminated with 3 mm LEDs. The assortment is constantly expanding to be able to offer always new lamps. The color of the LEDs and the lamps can be freely selected. For details, see the entsprechenden Operation Manual.

335mm light strips with decoder scale Z-G

The MD mXion LLM is the ideal lighting option for all wagons and buildings regardless of the gauge. Due to the small width of only 5mm, it is also ideal for smaller tracks below track H0. The LLM light strips have 14 warm white, bright LEDs and produce a harmonious color. All connections are routed out so that other consumers (e.g. tail lamp) can be connected there to switch them. Due to the special, reflective surface, the max. Light exploitation guaranteed. Buffering is also implemented and all settings are in analog operation supported by the decoder. Switching the toilet randomly or, depending on the direction, the tail light through the second exit is no problem.

Of course the LLM is 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.

light afford with/without decoder

The MD mXion GLDi is the ideal lighting option for all wagons or buildings of each scale. The GLDi light bars have directly has 2 warm white, strong power LEDs and, thanks to its slim, elongated design, can be mounted directly under the ceiling of an LGB wagon. All connections are led out, so that further consumers are connected there can be to switch this. Due to the special, reflective surface, the max. Guaranteed light exploitation. Buffering is also implemented and in analog mode, all settings of the decoder are supported. The GLDi is available with or without decoder. In addition, there is a ceiling and wall paneling in the GLDi Wood look like this is usual at the HSB as well as at the Sachsenbahnen. This completely eliminates the electronics and all cables from the visible area.

Of course the GLDi is 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.

fire module + extras

The MD mXion DFM is the realistic fire module with wood / coal or oil fire simulation for digital and analog operation. Optionally, a glow simulation can be activated as well as a random generator can be activated. The module can work in full analogue (with any voltage or at decoder outputs). In digital mode, it can be switched either by locomotive address (function key) or turnout address through the integrated digital decoder. Due to its extremely flat design and the small dimensions (27 x 15 x 5 mm), the module fits behind every boiler or in every factory or every house.

Of course the DFM is 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.