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Everything about track and train control.

6 channel switching decoder with effects, SDF

Der MD mXion USD is a very small 6-channel switching decoder (switchable via turnout addresses). It can on each output up to 18 effects (eg TV, on or off delay, neon, gas lamps, fire, dimming, various flashing, etc.). In addition, the decoder can use the SDF system known from the FSD. It is thus possible, the 6 channels for div. Light pattern, running lights, fairground, construction site, busy house and much more. to use. This allows the decoder a wide range of application examples such as street lighting, fairgrounds, houses and more. The use of turnout addresses makes it ideal for stationary use. In addition to programming via CVs, the addresses can also be set via the programming button. The USD can be DCC and Märklin Motorola Protkoll and is of course 100% NMRA-DCC and Märklin-Motorola compatible. See more in the Operation Manual.

break, pendula module

The MD mXion MFB is our multifunctional component. This contains 2 areas:

In analog mode, it offers a very soft and fine shuttle train control.

In digital mode, it can work as a digital shuttle train control as well as a brake generator (break-on DC and DCC braking). All you have to do is connect the module to the main track and through insulation to the brake track. Incoming trains are then automatically braked to stop. When the area is released (either by turnout address or by 2 existing contact inputs (slow travel / free ride)) then the locomotive will start again at previous speed or even at a slow speed. And exemplary with all Start-up and braking delays. You do not need any knowledge or expensive and expensive wiring. Simply create a separation section and clamp the module in between. This even works completely short-circuit-free. In addition, all functions of the vehicles as well as additional decoder (eg point or function decoder) can continue to be controlled in the brake section. Before the red signal, all sound and special functions can be operated.

Furthermore, like the mXion ZKW integrates a double switching decoder stage and therefore also has 2 switch outputs and 2 function outputs, which can be controlled with locomotive and turnout addresses. The signal control (pre- and main signal) controls the mXion MFB with it also, without sensor pieces, booster or additional switch. The detection current can be adapted to your system and digital control unit using CV programming. There is also a contact input for detection in the opposite direction of travel. Of course the MFB is 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.

short-free 15A reverse loop

The MD mXion KSM is arguably the most powerful and smartest loop module on the market, offering incredible 15A continuous loop power and an integrated current measurement and decoder unit that does not require any sensory noise. nevertheless works without short circuit. In addition, the Erkennungsstromstärke- and rate can be adjusted by CV and vote on your system. The KSM is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.