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EEnjoying steam for diesel and steam locomotives.

Pulsed evaporator without control
For connection to DRIVE and GVS

The MD mXion evaporator without control is specially for connection to our DRIVE locomotive decoder or our GVS. In combination with these, the evaporator gets its full functionality and can be used pulsed with precisely adjustable steam quantity for diesel and steam locomotives. This eliminates the need for further programming because the evaporator can be operated directly via our locomotive decoder. The settings such as the amount of steam for standing, driving and rolling, starting and many other functions are set directly in the decoder. Thanks to the large fan wheel and a special motor, the Evaporator very quiet and uses only 350 mA to produce a large amount of steam. It is designed in such a way that it generates the ideal amount of steam at 24V track voltage and can also run dry without being damaged. A controller for the fan motor is also installed. You can find more information in the Operation Manual.  


The MD mXion GVS is a universal pulsed evaporator control. This can be operated for all available evaporators as well as for self-construction as well as in digital, analog or SUSI mode. The GVS works with external clock (transmission, decoder) or via clock simulation. This clock can also be spent become. In addition, the operating mode is adjustable (diesel, steam). All functionalities (cycle time of the fan, start, roll, acceleration and travel speed of the fan) can be adjusted and work analogue, digital and in SUSI mode. In analogue mode, the load regulation and the fan speed control function intelligent voltage measurement. From about 7V is transferred from the state in the driving mode. Fan and heating element can be connected separately to the decoder and adapted (for example, dimmed). For analog operation, a 5V heating element and a 5V fan is required. Of course the GVS is 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.