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Free ride for your model railway.

6 channel light signal decoder with train control

The MD mXion LSD is just thumb-sized and has 6 outputs for signal lamps. The LSD can reproduce more than 300 signal images of all railway companies and is constantly being expanded - also on customer request. He is a real all-rounder. In addition to various signal modes such as HL, HV and KS can The LSD can also control modern switch lanterns with storage of the switch position (usable for feedback). Also in the special modes 2x 3 conceptual and 3x 2 conceptual signals can be controlled. All other modes are controlled by a decoder. For simple 2 or 3 conceptual signals, you can save several decoders. A train control is also possible, either simply by relay or with our MFB module. All times, flashing effects and controls can be adjusted. The decoder can work in the DCC and Märklin-Motorola format and supports all common CV programming modes as well as a programming button. Of course 100% NMRA-DCC and MM compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual

light signals, light signal decoders

The LSS Series is the first true light signal for the Spur-G and Spur 1. Signals from the simple shunting signal Sh12 to the known HL, HV and KS signals are available. All signals are weatherproof and have integrated control electronics with train control. The signals can work analog and digital and contain various special functions. As a special feature, the LSS-RA12 board is also available individually to digitize external signals. All you have to do is activate the HP0 / HP1 / HP2 bit in CV49. Then it is possible to connect up to 3 LEDs (red, green, yellow) to the LSS-Sh12 board to control the main and low speed signals. The LSS-Sh12 are of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.

The LSS-DKW is a newest turnout lantern for double crossing turnouts (DKW). The LSS-DKW can be switched digitally using 2 switch addresses (accessory addresses) and can be adapted to the switching habits of the DKW using various modes. The LSS-DKW always shows the correct route of the DKW. The LSS-DKW is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. You can find more information in the Operation Manual.

The LSS-WSD is a modern turnout lantern for common turnouts (also called turnout signals). The LSS-WSD is digitally switchable via the turnout address (accessory address) and can be adapted to the switching habits of the turnout using various modes. The switching times and the flashing frequency can be adjusted via CV. The is ideal for our digital point machines. The lighting is on both sides with natural white LEDs. The LSS-WSD is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. You can find more information in the Operation Manual.

signal drive, shunt signal

The MD mXion SWD PLUG realistically controls your LGB wing signals by means of servo. A decoder is integrated. The control process works digital and analog (EPL control panel). You can simply screw the cover of the LGB EPL drive of the sash signal onto the SWD PLUG. Now the adjusting process is realistically slow as in the prototype. The positioning time is also adjustable. There is also a function output, so that you can switch lanterns without problems, realize frog centering or even disconnect track sections. The decoder can either work in locomotive or switch mode.

The mXion BREAK is also based on SWD electronics with all the features already mentioned (see MD mXion PLUG). The MD mXion BREAK, on the other hand, is a complete track-lock signal. The signal mast rotates by 90 °. In addition, the aperture is illuminated.
Furthermore, various special functions can be set and configured. The SWD are of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see theOperation Manual